These Tools Will Help You Get Started

Do you have a message to share with the world?

Then it’s time to WRITE YOUR BOOK!

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Done-For-You Writing

No time to write? Let our experienced writers collaborate with you to produce an amazing manuscript while maintaining your voice and style.



Book Development

Whether you’ve got a great idea for a book or aren’t sure where to start, our expert development consultants will help you shape your project into a book you can be proud of.

Our authors find this call shaves months or even years of frustration off their writing timeline.

Online Writing Course

Get the same information as our Thanet House writers and start writing your book the RIGHT way.

This short audio series will help you (or another writer working with you) write a high-quality book without getting stuck in writer’s block, burnout, or overwhelm.



Manuscript Evaluation

When you’re ready for a professional critique of your manuscript, we’re here to help.

A manuscript evaluation will cover topic development, organizational structure, and recommendations for enhancing your content’s effectiveness and readability.

We’ll also guide you on next steps to publishing your book within a realistic time frame.

Authors today have so many publishing options.

Traditional publishers are constantly on the lookout for those “diamonds in the rough.” Those special authors who have what it takes to make a big impact with their books. But sifting through thousands of mediocre manuscripts wastes so much time.

It’s tempting to write a book in a weekend, upload it to Amazon, and…

POOF—you’re published!

But what does that rushed book say about you?

Does it represent you as a respected professional?

Or does it scream amateur?


So at Thanet House, we thought …

What if we could create our own diamonds?

What if we could take someone with a business and a message they wanted to share and help them write an amazing book? 

We’ve put together a variety of tools and services to help you write an excellent book that inspires, educates, and sells your products and services.

Our Authorship Program combines collaborative writing with professional publishing.