This might be difficult to hear, but you might not be ready to be an author.

Books are permanent records. Lasting imprints in time. And that freaks people out! 

Most wannabe authors either spend eternity in their own heads searching for the right words, the right structure, and NEVER getting their book done.

Or they seek out shortcuts. They look for the easy way out.

And there are plenty of gurus out there offering shortcuts.

  • Blog your book!
  • Publish transcripts!
  • Pay a fee, write a chapter, and be part of a best-selling “collaboration” book!
  • Use our template to write a book in a weekend!

Those siren songs are tempting. And plenty of people publish books using those methods.

I talk to them all the time. And you know what most of them say?

  • “I’m embarrassed by my book.”
  • “I don’t share it with anyone.”
  • “I took it off Amazon because I was afraid my competitors would see it and use it against me.”

90% of books that get started, never get finished! It breaks my heart because it doesn’t have to be that way. 

The people who step into a VIP Book Development Intensive with me don’t want to mess around with shortcuts. They don’t want to dabble or “play author” on the internet.

They’re high-achievers, leaders in their field, true experts who solve problems for real people. 

And they know a book will get them to that next level of recognition and bring a whole new wave of clients and customers to their business.

They’re tired of trying to do it all themselves. They’re short on time. And they have a genuine desire to write a great book. 

I can SEE the book inside you. 

I KNOW how to pull it out and build the structure and flow that will PRECISELY RESONATE with your desired readers.

That’s my gift.

I KNOW what you should write.

I KNOW how it should be structured.

I KNOW where your frameworks and stories fit.

How many years have you tried to do this on your own?

My proven book development process pulls all that out of you in just a few hours.


Really think about these questions and write down the answers.

What’s the downside of staying where you are?

What would be so terrible if your book never exists?

Are you content to let others be the recognized leaders in your industry just because they’ve written a book?

Have you read a book (or lots of books) on your topic and thought 

This is garbage!

I can’t believe people are falling for this.

How is this bad information still getting out there?

The reason those bad books are still read by your clients and customers is because

YOU haven’t stepped up, done the work, and written a better one.

Here’s the truth as I see it…

The odds are not in your favor.

Chances are you will NEVER write your book.

You’ll start it–and put it away.

You’ll outline it–and wait for feedback.

You’ll dabble and play til your dying day and never leave the legacy you have inside.

You want to beat the odds?

You ready to get this thing DONE?

Awesome! Welcome to my world.

In this place–someone believes in you FIERCELY.

I’m going to challenge you to get uncomfortable. Because that’s where change and growth occur. And change and growth are what need to happen for you to produce your best work. 

Let’s sit down just you and me (and your writer, if you have one)

And let’s get that book out of your head and into the hands of your readers.

Here are a few things you need to know before you apply for this elite experience:

  1. I’m blessed to be able to choose who I work with. And I choose to share my time and my gifts with people who are serious about their work and get real results for their clients and customers. As much as I’d like to help everyone, you may not be invited to participate.
  2. Invitations are only offered after we have a 15-minute call together. If we are a good fit, full payment of $25,000 will be expected on the call to reserve a spot in my calendar. I accept all major credit cards. (If you are not ready and able to do this, please do not apply.)
  3. If you already have a copywriter you trust to write in your voice, they will be invited to attend your VIP day.
  4. We will spend a full day together, and by the end you will have complete clarity on your entire book project–from outline to publishing, distribution, and beyond–all documented in a book treatment you can work from yourself or hand over to a ghostwriter.


If you prefer to work with me virtually, I offer a lighter Book Development package. We meet on Zoom for four hours and map out your entire book, including a writing and publishing plan. This package is $5,000.

If This Resonates With You, It's Your Time!

How long will you make the world wait for your book?