Paul Porter came to Thanet House with almost 50 years of experience in his unique subject area: medieval armored combat. He had written a book before, but his readers had misinterpreted his message, and it was difficult to find. Paul worked with us to recreate his book to his exact specifications and make it available around the world through Amazon print-on-demand. 

We connected Paul with an excellent writer who had studied his system to update the content. Working closely together, they were able to preserve the core of Paul’s message as well as make it more accessible to the new generation of readers.

With a professional, high-resolution cover design and professional interior formatting, Paul’s legacy book—all 423 pages and more than 700 high-resolution images—is now available for generations to come. Together, Thanet House Publishing and Duke Paul of Bellatrix have released a book that will revolutionize the sport of medieval combat on six continents.