Russell Brunson had been trying to write his book for over 9 years when he finally decided to seek out a ghostwriter to help him realize his vision. He already had another publisher lined up, but needed our expert help to create an exciting and educational book that changed lives in the entrepreneurial space.

After hearing more about his mission and values, we knew we could help Russell create a groundbreaking book that would demystify the sales funnel process for millions of aspiring business owners.

We worked with Russell to refine his concept, focusing intently on the desired outcome for both the book and his target audience. We gleaned material from his course content, blog posts, and podcast episodes. Then he decided to host a live event where he could teach the book content and get immediate feedback from a real audience. This event helped to further shape the book until we had written what has become a bible for the digital marketing industry.

The book DotCom Secrets became an instant best-seller and became the flagship product launching Russell’s new software product ClickFunnels.

A year later, Russell came back to us with the concept for a second book. He wanted to help people discover their superpowers and give them the tools to create expert businesses. Using the same process as before, we wrote the first draft.

Then we hit a snag…

Russell decided he actually needed to write a completely different book! So we went back to the drawing board and discovered his intuition was right. The second iteration of his book was even better and more compelling. Even though the process took over 18 months to complete from start to finish, it was all worth it. 

Expert Secrets launched with even greater success than the first book, grossing $1.1 million in back-end revenue after just 3 weeks.

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