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At Thanet House, we believe authors should have 100% control and keep 100% of the revenue from their books.

With this in mind, we help you produce a high-quality book for a flat fee. 

If you have a manuscript already drafted and would like it to be considered for publication, please click the button below and complete the manuscript submission form.

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What Does Our Process Look Like?

Our high-touch publishing program begins with evaluating your manuscript to make sure it's complete and we have everything we need to produce your book for you. We also discuss your goals for the book, so we can help direct a successful project.

Once the book has been edited and is ready to go, it’s time for the designer and typesetter. Your book will receive the special treatment it deserves with a professional cover design and interior layout.

Next, we submit your book to Amazon. We also help you decide if a traditional print run makes sense for your goals. We review the final digital proof one last time before the book is available to the public.

Then our editors get to work on your manuscript. They scour it for errors, consistency, formatting, and any possible missed opportunities to inspire, educate, and sell. They will communicate with you to make changes as necessary.

While the book is going through design, we’ll be helping you decide on a smart printing model and ongoing marketing strategy. We make sure you have the online and offline support you need for long-term success with your book.

The final phase of the program is distribution. Helping you get your book into as many hands as possible is our top priority. You'll have a print and e-book you can be proud of.

Not quite ready for publishing? No worries!

While we prefer to work with authors through the entire publishing process, we do offer individual services for those who have partly or completely finished writing their books.

Manuscript Review

Our expert writers and editors will review your manuscript and offer you ways to refine your message. Because we’re always marketing-focused, we also share ways to build your platform and position your book for better sales, including back-end sales of your products and services. No matter how you decide to publish your book, it will reflect the quality and clarity Thanet House Publishing is known for.

Cover Design

Everyone judges a book by its cover—it’s true! Make sure your book represents your content and your brand with a polished and professional exterior. Even if you’re self-publishing, a quality cover is a must. We provide several options based on any images and concepts you prefer in order to get it just right.