Ali Reda & 

Damian Boudreaux

Damian Boudreaux came to us with many ideas for books he wanted to write. We helped him focus on the one book that would help his existing business the most. After creating an overall concept and framework, we built a question-based outline so he could simply record the answers whenever he had a moment. As an in-demand speaker and sales expert, Damian needed to provide content in short segments of time. So this process worked perfectly for him.

We captured his casual Cajun diction and wrote Keep It Simple Selling as part memoir, part sales training, and part personal development book.

Once that book was complete, Damian brought a colleague to us for their next book. Ali Reda is unique in the automotive sales world. He routinely sells over 140 vehicles monthly—more than 10 times the volume of an average salesperson. To better help other salespeople improve their numbers, Damian and Ali worked with us to write How to Sell 100 Cars a Month. This book was designed to lead the reader into an online coaching program and other back-end products and services.

We continue to develop book ideas with Damian and look forward to writing and publishing many more works with him in the future.

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