Your Book Is A Beacon For The World

Every day your book stays in your head, you’re losing potential customers.

Every day your business fails to stand out, you’re losing opportunity.

Every day your ideas aren’t out in the world, people suffer needlessly.

The truth is it’s not easy to write a high-quality book that establishes you as the leader in your industry. But that’s exactly what we do for our clients every day.

Working with a clear understanding of their business goals, we develop books that Inspire, Educate, and Sell. Our authors become globally recognized leaders in their industries, and their books influence readers for generations to come.


At Thanet House Books, we don’t publish hundreds of books.

In fact, we do the exact opposite.

We only take on select clients who are dedicated to impacting the world with their books. Why? Because we’re all about SUPPORTING our authors, guiding them from start to finish, in whatever ways they need.

We give authors the support and resources to make their books successful, on THEIR terms.



Stuck, stalled, or just getting started? Book development sets you up to succeed with a strong foundation that helps you avoid all the common obstacles to finishing your book. In addition to formulating a chapter-by-chapter structure, we also help you devise publishing and marketing plans appropriate to your business goals. Whether you already have content or you need to start from scratch, we’ll help you get the words just right.


Want to self-publish but don’t know how? Let us handle the details. From designing the perfect cover to formatting the content professionally, we’ve got you covered. Our team works with you to make sure your book is available in both print and electronic formats. You keep total control of your book and 100% of your revenue.


Maybe you already drafted a manuscript that is ready for publishing. Not sure what to do next? No problem! Our editors have years of experience turning rough manuscripts into clear and effective book content. Quality is paramount. Your project goes to print only after our editors have ensured it is polished and professional and represents your business in the best possible light.



Want us to guide you in writing and publishing your own book? We can help! This is your opportunity to learn from the best and work at your own pace. Our write-as-you-go programs and resources support you through the process of turning your message into a book your audience will rave about.

We help authors succeed by offering a variety of writing, editing, and publishing services.

Every book is unique, so we customize our services to showcase each author’s particular voice and message.

Here are just some of the books we’re proud to have been a part of.


We give authors the support and resources they need to make their books successful!